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University of Versailles Saint-Quentin & Inria Saclay

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  • Secure management of personal data
    • Storage and indexing of personal data
    • Management of personal data embedded in secure devices
    • Indexing techniques for Flash memory
  • Spatiotemporal databases
    • Data and query models for mobile objects and sensors
    • Spatiotemporal indexing
    • Compression of trajectory data
    • Management of spatiotemporal data constrained by a transport network
    • Dynamic allocation of road traffic
  • Privacy protection
    • Privacy-by-design architectures
    • Distributed privacy-preserving querying
    • Enforcement of personal data sharing policies
  • Applications in the fields of personal cloud, health, transport and smart cities (e.g., road traffic routing or participatory sensing)



PerSoCloud – Personal and Social Trusted Cloud, ANR Project

The objective of PerSoCloud is to design, implement and validate a full-fledged Privacy-by-Design Personal Cloud Sharing Platform. One of the major difficulties linked to the concept of personal cloud lies in organizing and enforcing the security of the data sharing while the data is no longer under the control of a central server. We identify three dimensions to this problem. Devices-sharing: assuming that the primary copy of user U1’s personal data is hosted in a secure place, how to share and synchronize it with U1’s multiple (mobile) devices without compromising security? Peers-sharing: how user U1 could exchange a subset of his-her data with an identified user U2 while providing to U1 tangible guarantees about the usage made by U2 of this data? Community-sharing: how user U1 could exchange a subset of his-her data with a large community of users and contribute to personal big data analytics while providing to U1 tangible guarantees about the preservation of his-her anonymity? In addition to tackling these three scientific and technical issues, a legal analysis will guarantee compliance of this platform with the security and privacy French and UE regulation, which firmly promotes the Privacy by Design principle, including the current reforms of personal data regulation.
Partners: Orange Labs (coordinator), PETRUS (Inria-UVSQ), Cozy Cloud, UVSQ.

More research projects of Petrus can be found here.



Robin Carpentier - "Secure and Efficient Data Processing in Trusted Execution Environments for the Personal Cloud", started in October 2018. Co-supervised with G. Scerri and N. Anciaux

Julien Loudet - "Personal Queries on Personal Clouds ", started in April 2016. Co-supervised with L. Bouganim

Saliha Lallali - "Secure Storage and Sharing of Personal Documents", defended in January 2016. Co-supervised with N. Anciaux and P. Pucheral

Dai Hai Ton That - "Secure Management and Sharing of Private Personal Traces", defended in January 2016. Co-supervised with K. Zeitouni



KISS – Keep your personal Information Safe and Secure, ANR Project

The idea promoted in KISS is to embed, in trusted devices, software components capable of acquiring, storing and managing securely various forms of personal data (e.g., salary forms, invoices, banking statements, geolocation data, depending on the applications). These software components form a full-fledged Personal Data Server which can remain under holder’s control. The scientific challenges include: embedded data management issues tackling regular, streaming and spatio-temporal data (e.g., geolocation data), data provenance based privacy models, crypto-protected distributed protocols to implement private communications and secure global computations.